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Swikly is growing, taking into account your feedback and evolving! Find in this article all the new features arrived on Swikly

September means the end of the holidays, and soon the beginning of the new school year... To start it well, to save time and optimize your use of Swikly, here is a small summary of the new features of the summer. While waiting for our brand new FAQ, you can find the features in details in this article.

The Swikly multiaccount

Swikly offers multi-accounting, a Manager account and Managed accounts. The multi-account allows you to :

  • Manage all your accounts from a single account: your Manager account. This account gives you access to your own account but also to all the managed accounts, on which you can also collect, dun or end swik requests.
  • Allow your owners to access only their own Swikly account (the managed account) and act as they wish on their swik requests (cash out, raise or terminate). Indeed, each managed account is linked to a RIB and allows your owners to collect the deposit to their own account if necessary. This avoids you having to collect on their behalf and then pay them back the deposit - this is called a third-party collection.

As a reminder, a collection on behalf of a third party corresponds to collecting money that does not belong to you, and then paying it back to the person concerned (in this case, the owner). This collection on behalf of a third party is highly regulated by the law, which requires the use of an "escrow" account that can only be used if you have a Real Estate Agent Card (see detailed conditions of application of the Hoguet law).

To set up your multi-account, the Swikly team is at
At your disposal by chat on the site, by email
or by phone at +33 4 20 88 00 48.

All the features of Swikly, for free

Does each deposit request cost you 1€? Share the cost with your customers! Swikly allows you to share the costs, as you wish. You can for example pay 50 cents each, pay 30 cents on your side and charge 70 cents to your customer... Several options are possible:

  • Paying the full cost
  • Share the costs with your customers: 50% for you, 50% for your customers, 40%-60%, etc
  • Passing on the full cost to your customers

If you defer the entire cost to your guests, the service is free for you! To highlight the benefits of Swikly and to convince your customers to share the costs, we have prepared some arguments and explanatory sentences for you:

  • The administrative process is simplified, no need for a cheque by registered mail, a bank transfer or a credit card imprint
  • You deposit your deposit without being debited
  • The deposit does not affect your bank limit
  • As a trusted third party, Swikly protects you from abusive collections and validates the legitimacy of debits through impartial arbitration

Optimize your information gathering

When you send your swik request, after you have entered your contact and payment information, your guest can also insert your arrival and departure times in the form deposit. You will be able to know easily the arrival and departure times of your customers, without any communication problems. No more need to communicate by email, sms or phone, no more language barrier... It's simpler and more convenient.

Our friendly team is at your disposal to set up this feature. Please contact us!

Justify your cash receipts more easily

Do you have photos ? proof ? invoices ? Now you can simply submit them when you request a collection.

When you wish to collect a deposit following a damage, you can directly download your supporting documents at the time of the collection request. You don't have to send them by e-mail anymore!

Automatically save your reasons for requesting bonds

When you request a deposit manually, you no longer need to enter the reason for the request for each request. From now on, your last 20 reasons are automatically saved in your Swikly account.

Downloading of identification documents (KYC) 

Swikly is obliged to put in place procedures called "KYC" (Know Your Customer) to comply with the evolution of banking regulations against money laundering, fraud and terrorism financing. This regulation obliges us to ask for official documents from our clients with an annual total of incoming transactions of more than €1000 so that subsequent payments are not blocked. From now on, you can download your legal documentsby clicking on "Legal Documents" in the menu.

As a reminder, these regulations differ according to the type of person:

  • Individuals: ID card + proof of address
  • Sole traders (individual company): Identity card + Kbis (or equivalent Kbis)
  • Organizations and associations: Identity card + statutes + Kbis
  • SARL, SA, SAS: Identity card + Kbis + status + declaration of beneficial owners (to be done online)

Search and find your swiks more easily

Each swik corresponds to a transaction. From now on, you can find each transaction thanks to a transaction number, a reference. (6 digits and letters)

For more ease and ergonomics, we have set up the Swikly reference: a unique reference common to you, us, and your customer. You and your customer will have the same transaction reference and will be able to exchange more easily on this subject. Moreover, if you have any questions about your swiks, you will just have to send us the reference of your swik for even more ease of communication.

In the form of numbers and letters, this reference is displayed in all transaction emails, in sms, but also at the end of your transaction and on your dashboard.

In addition, depending on the bank, the reference can also appear on the bank statements!

Export of swiks

From your dashboard, you can now export all your swiks in an Excel file.

Extended collection period

The deadline for requesting the collection of a deposit is now 20 daysThis will give you time to gather your supporting documents and to determine the amount of the damage noted at the time of check-out.

For any questions, remarks or suggestions,
you can chat, discuss and send us an email to :
04 20 88 00 48
and on !



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