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* In the event of damage, the costs of collecting the deposit remain due


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1,8% + 0,25€ HT

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A large volume of security deposits?

If your company manages a large volume of security deposits, make an appointment with our sales team to define a tailor-made offer together.

Frequently asked questions

All you have to do is register and send a deposit request to your client via your dashboard.

Your client will receive a deposit request by email and/or telephone. All they have to do is click on a link and enter their bank details in order to deposit their deposit.

If no damage is found after the traveller's stay, the deposit is automatically refunded.

If not, simply go to your Swikly account, select the deposit in question and ask for it to be cashed (in whole or in part). 

Detailed animations of these operations are presented to you on our homepage.

When your customer deposits the deposit, no debit is made and the bank limit is not affected.

All they have to do is enter their contact details and bank details in complete security.

Our standard offer is without obligation. Our commissions are only applied to the transactions carried out and are invoiced at the end of the month.

You can take advantage of our free trial offer without obligation.

Do you still have questions? Consult our FAQ's or contact our support team at +33 4 20 88 00 48.