FAQ - I've received a swik request (for a holding deposit or security deposit)

When you book a service, the person you are dealing with can send you a swik request. It's equivalent to a request for a holding deposit or a security deposit (bond). Generally, you receive a swik request if:

You want to book a tourist, sporting, leisure, or cultural service.

You are renting accommodation for your holidays.

You are buying from an online classified site.

You want to use goods that you have borrowed or hired.

What is a swik?
A swik guarantees and secures a booking, a rental, a purchase, a security deposit (or bond), both for the vendor (supplier) and the purchaser (the customer). A swik request is like a credit card hold - but it's much more convenient and much more secure. A swik replaces traditional down payments, security deposits, or holding deposits - in a completely secure way, with no funds being transferred!
How does it work?
When you accept a swik request, it means that you commit to a booking, rental, or purchase, by authorising a hold on your credit or debit card:
You receive an e-mail from Swikly to confirm your booking or deposit.
You can save your bank details on Swikly's secure site with complete confidence (as your payment details are secured by our banking partners)
When you accept a swik, you authorise a hold being placed on your credit or debit card for the specified period.
Your card will only be charged if you do not meet your commitments (for example, if you cancel your booking; or if you return the borrowed or rented item in a damaged state).
Accepting a swik is equivalent to sending a deposit cheque, which will only be debited if you cancel or if there is a problem.
Your trusted third party, Swikly, will help you and will prevent any abuse.

Examples of when to use swik?
You may receive a swik request from a supplier or from a private individual:
To secure a booking for a training course, class, or event. In this instance, a swik replaces a holding deposit.
To replace payment of a security deposit against leased or rental property.
To commit to the purchase of a good or a rental via online classifieds.

What do I need to do to accept a swik request?
Have you received a swik request by e-mail to confirm a booking or a deposit? All you have to do is:
Click on the link provided.
Verify the details of the swik you are committing to: the identity of the requester, the amount, the expiry date, and the reason for the request.
Provide the information request and enter your payment details. Our site is secured by our banking partners.

Is the value of the swik charged to the card as soon as the swik is accepted?
No. Money is not charged to your credit or debit card. Your card will only be charged if:
You cancel your booking and the supplier makes a valid payment request.
The item that you have borrowed or rented is damaged and the supplier makes a valid payment request.

Swikly is a trusted third party and validates and controls the payment process. In the event of any fraud, Swikly is there to prevent abuse.

Is my credit card limit impacted by a swik request ?
No. A swik request is a request for a secure bank card hold. Thanks to Swikly's specificities, the ceiling of your credit card is not affected by a request for swik!
What credit and debit cards do you accept?
We accept the following card types: Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club International.
How long is my credit card hold ?
A swik secures a reservation or deposit thanks to your credit card hold up to 3 months. Unlike a standard credit card hold that lasts only 7 days.
What benefits does Swkily offer?
You can confirm your booking or deposit in an easy, quick, and completely secure way - with no advance payment needed!
Simple: just a few online clicks are all it takes.
Quick: securing a booking with a swik is instant!
Secure: You give your informed consent, with the support of our banking partners, to the commitment you are making. A 3D-secure code will also be asked to secure your swiks.
Confidence: Swikly is a trusted third party and acts as an arbitrator if problems arise. Swiftly provides reassurance and prevents fraud.

Will Swikly protect me against fraud?
Swikly is a trusted third party that checks the identity of its users, validates the payment method, and checks and monitors requests for payment. These barriers prevent malicious users from accessing the service or committing fraud.
How much does Swikly cost?
It's free!
What should I do if I don't agree to a request for payment?
You must first contact your interlocutor to find an arrangement.

When you use Swikly, you instruct us to:

To confirm the identity of your supplier.
To act as an arbitrator for payment requests, in line with our general terms and conditions and after reviewing the information you and your supplier have provided us.

If, despite our best efforts during this process, you consider that you have been let down by our final decision, you still have the ability to challenge the decision via the competent courts.

How much does Swikly cost?
It's free to send a swik (holding deposit or security deposit)!