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Swikly trial offer


No commitment required
3 free swik requests (*)
Protect your rentals against damage.
Avoid no-shows and secure your turnover.
Secure up to 1500 € / request for several months.
Swikly manages any disputes with your customers.
Receive your money in the event of damage or cancellation.
Fee 3.4% + 0.25 cts excl. tax of the amounts received.
Communicate with your clients by email and text message in their language.
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Swikly's finest

1.8% + 0.25cts excl. tax

Per accepted requests
The advantages of SWIKOOL plus:
Unlimited number of swiks requests.
Get a customized credit/debit card form that features your logo.
Save time by using a single link to automate your requests.
Send your payment requests.
Fee 3% incl. tax + 0.25 cts of the amounts collected.
Share your Swikly fees with your customers.
Strengthen your guarantees with Swikly debt recovery service (**).
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Tailor-made offer

Decreasing prices

According to the volume and business sector
The advantages of SWIKEASY plus:
Amounts and deadlines for security deposits adapted to your needs.
Advanced automation
(API, Zapier...)
Integrate Swikly into your apps, Channel Manager and PMS.
Customized integration support.
Manage your complex deposit and payment requests.
Strengthen your guarantees with our partner insurance.
Your dedicated Swikly contact person.
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SWIKEASY pricing applies automatically after you've used up the 3 free requests.
In the case of a collection, a fee of 3.4% + 25cts excl. tax is added to the security deposit fee (1.8% + 25cts

(*) Payment requests not included.

(**) Amicable and judicial recovery available for collection requests between 50€ and 1500€