Swikly is a trusted third party and allows you to secure an online booking or deposit through a credit card fingerprint.

Swikly protects you from losing out in the event that your rental property is damaged
Online security deposits
Swikly is the specialist in online security deposits.
Simply request an online security deposit via a secure credit/debit card imprint. If you rental property is damaged, we will process the payment of your security deposit and handle any disputes that may arise.
I want to better manage my deposits
Swikly will protect you from no-shows
Don't let no-shows be a problem
Swikly is aimed at service providers, restaurants or other organisations that require down payments or security deposits. With just a couple of clicks, you can request a non-debited deposit in order to secure the reservation. This means you won't lose out in the case of a no-show or cancellation!
I'm fed up with no-shows

Swikly's solution

Simple and practical
Request a swik and manage your deposits in just a couple of clicks.

Banking security
All payments are securely processed by our banking partners.

Extended delay
You can secure your deposits for a few hours or several months.

Debit/credit card limits
Your clients' card limits are not affected when you request a deposit.

Partial deposit collection
With Swikly you can ask to be paid all or part of a deposit.

Secure and flexible
You can continue your on-site transactions knowing that your sales and reservations are secured.

Automatic service
You can automatically handle your requests via your chosen apps and tools (Mailing, Channel Manager, Booking.com...).

Swikly can act as an arbitrator in the event of any disputes with your clients. Keep up a good reputation!

Who can benefit from Swikly's services?

Swikly is an online security deposit service for estate agents and property management services
Property owners and managers
Automate your deposits online.
You client's bank card limit is not affected.
Reduce check-in times.
Free up time so that you can focus on welcoming and dealing with your clients or guests.
In the event of damage, you can ask that part of or the entire deposit be paid to you.
Integrate Swikly with your Channel Manager or PMS.
Swikly's online service for VSE activity providers
Activity providers
Stop worrying about no-shows and cancellations!
Ask for a non-debited down payment.
Don't lose money due to no-shows or cancellations.
Get paid immediately without any hassle.
You can request to be paid all or part of the imprinted card's deposit in the event of a no-show or cancellation.
Swikly Terminal, an online payment system for restaurants
Restaurant owners
Don't worry about no-shows!
Ask customers to confirm their reservation (for example groups or events)
Don't lose money due to no-shows or cancellations.
Get paid at the end as per usual.
In the event of a no-show, you can request a total or partial payment from the client(s) imprinted card.
Swikly is an online security deposit service for estate agents and property management services
Vehicle hire
Plan your security deposit requests in advance.
Offer your clients a service that means they don't have to waste time queueing.
Simplify key handover procedures.
Don't use up your clients' card limits so they can still enjoy their holiday.
Extend the validity of the deposit beyond 30 days.
In the event of damage, you can ask that part of or the entire deposit be paid to you.

Swikly is aimed at any activity sector that requires a down payment or security deposit.

Try out our service for free or get in touch if you have any questions.

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Kedge Alumni
Le Book-Lard
Rhone Rhunner
  • Swikly is a platform that has changed the life of our company. We have gained time and credibility for the owners for whom we manage apartments. The very simple operation and reactivity of the Swikly teams won us over within the first few weeks of use.

    Chloé Fournier - CEO

  • Securing our reservations has never been easier! The request for guarantees by Swikly is ultra fluid, easy and automated, which saves us precious time... We are very satisfied to have this proximity with the team of another start-up Made In France!

    Thibault Martin - CEO

  • The automation of deposits makes it possible to accelerate the work of the teams and to secure the registration of guarantees. Using a neutral third party reassures the client as to what will happen to his deposit in the event of an incident.

    Edouard Amouroux - President

  • Swikly and its dynamic team were able to meet our needs. From the very first uses our customers appreciated the simple and efficient design of the payment interface which allowed in one step to validate the payment and the deposit. Using Swikly to improve our clients experience is a great plus.

    Yvan Bretonniere - President

  • After some very bad experiences and many last minute cancellations, we decided to look into the question of how to avoid these no-shows? ». We quickly found the solution thanks to Swikly, which simply brings us security and serenity in our work.

    Le Book-Lard
    Restaurant - Lyon

Swikly is easy and fast

It's easy and free!
Send your requests
security deposit requests in a click.
Receive your money
in the event of a cancellation or damage.

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