Vega Systems integrates Swikly into its innovative management solutions

In order to strengthen our partnership ecosystem, Vega Systems and Swikly have joined forces to complete the LOCPRO solution in the area of guarantees.



In order to strengthen our partnership ecosystem, Vega Systems and Swikly have joined forces to complete the LOCPRO solution in the area of guarantees.

For more than 25 years, the company Vega Systems is specialized in the publishing of software for vehicle rental companies and equipment as well as to fleet managers.

The company offers its latest generation of LOCPRO 3K software solution, enabling you to manage and optimise your business in real time and build customer loyalty. Vega Systems' experts will assist you with the integration and deployment of the software, backed up by a range of services to ensure the full success of your projects (assistance, training, support).

Requesting a deposit for your car rental?

Each vehicle rental requires a deposit to secure the rented property and avoid damage. For this purpose, Swikly is here! Indeed, Swikly and Vega Systems are now partners and complement each other perfectly. Now partner of Vega Systems, Swikly makes it possible to secure the management of guarantees very simply, online, without impacting the banking limit of the customers. It also offers the management of possible disputes between customers and car rental companies.

Forget about the constraints of bonds

For individuals and professionals alike, the demands of guarantees are always binding Too many administrative formalities, waste of time, insolvency of the customers, blocking of the bank cards... Indeed, each of the traditional means to ask for a guarantee are accompanied by constraints:

The check can be made of wood and in no way proves the solvency of the customer. In addition, there are fewer and fewer users of cheques, especially for international customers who prefer to use bank cards.

Cash is also binding since the sum is requested before the service and returned only afterwards; with often high deposit amounts, most customers refuse this option which is blocking a substantial amount of money.

Bank transfer is not practical because of the time limits for the transaction and the freezing of sums which, moreover, will have to be repaid in an almost systematic manner.

As for pre-approvalIf you are using a VSE, it is not possible to do this remotely, requires a physical action or movementand above all, impacts the customer's bank limit. As with the previous options, the money is blocked and the customer does not necessarily like this.

Furthermore, starting a relationship by asking for a deposit is not ideal and does not encourage trust!

Swiklythe online deposit specialist, allows you to request digital deposits a few days before handing over the keys, without any of the above constraints. No impact on the bank limit, credit check, immediate application and above all, ease of use!

Thanks to Swikly, vehicle rental companies and fleet managers will not only save timethanks to the automation of the requests for guarantees, but also avoid long queues for their customersand to be able to focus on the reception and the customer experience.

Proof of their effectiveness, Swikly and Vega Systems is already working with many rental companies such as several Avis and EuropCar franchises, Blacksheep and CarGo!

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