Online security deposits for vehicle rental professionals

Asking for a security deposit can slow down your customers

Many travellers do not have chequebooks or do not wish to have a sum of money blocked on their bank card.

Reassure your customers! The Swikly deposit is neither debited nor blocked on their bank account..

Traditional uses present risks

Wooden checks, repudiations, bank disputes, risks of loss or theft... These problems belong to the past: Swikly protects you in all circumstances.

Entrust your security deposits to a specialist!

Traditional practices are time consuming

No more cheques, credit card prints or bank transfers. Our secure service saves you the hassle of managing deposits. 

Save time and anticipate your security deposit requests!

Managing your security deposits is easy

Your online security deposit requests

It only takes a minute to secure a deposit on your Swikly dashboard

Simplify your security management

The deposit expires automatically a few days after the stay

Your collection requests are just a click away

In case of damage, a few clicks are enough to claim collection

Vehicle rental insurance

In case of default, you are guaranteed to be reimbursed*

Automate your security deposits

Choose your integration

Swikly integrates with your management tools and software (LocPro, Rentalys, Teori, etc) to automate your security deposit requests and centralize the management of your business.

We develop new integrations every day to save you time: No more administrative hassle!

Improve customer experience

Welcome your customers in a friendly manner

Reduce officequeues: the deposit is secured before the rental.

Don't worry about credit cards not clearing, the security deposit does not impact your customers' credit limit.

Outsource your processes and free yourself from the administrative management of security deposits.

Protect your assets

Your collection requests are just a click away

When your customer honours his commitment, you don't have to do anything: the credit card imprint is automatically cancelled! Otherwise, Swikly allows you to cash in all or part of the deposit, at your convenience.

*Swikly is guaranteed: In case of default, be sure to be reimbursed for damages thanks to our partner insurance.

Ready to get started?

For 30 days and for your first 3 deposit requests, the security fees are free!


A service tailored to your business

Because vehicle rental presents specific problems, we have developed a range of features adapted to your needs at each stage of your business development.

Swikly offers a complete management service to replace the payment of a deposit by check, bank transfer, cash or pre-authorization, in order to secure your accommodations by taking a security deposit online.


As part of our premium offer and thanks to our insurance partner, you have a money back guarantee in case of damage, fines, etc.!

Amount and duration of securitization

Thanks to the Swikly premium offer, you can secure your deposits up to 2500€ and up to 3 months. These limits can be raised upon request.


With a simple email or your PMS, automate your security deposit requests with ease.

Partial claim

In case of problem or cancellation you can ask for the partial or full payment of the swik amount in a few clicks.

Balance payment

Swikly helps you secure the deposit and pay the balance in a single transaction


Thanks to Swikly, digitize all your processes to offer 100% online rentals!

Would you like to know more? Check out our feature list!

Automating our bond requests saves us precious time and allows us to focus on our core business. The Swikly team is very responsive and attentive

Thanks to Swikly, we have found the perfect solution to manage our bond requests. We save a lot of time on a daily basis and it's much more convenient for our customers


Ready to get started? Contact us or create an account.

For 30 days and for your first 3 deposit requests, the securing commissions are offered! Large volumes? Make an appointment with our sales team to define together a tailor-made offer.

Discover our rates

With our standard price list or a tailor-made offer, Swikly has the solution to meet your needs.

Consult our FAQ's

Any questions? You can consult our FAQ and learn more about our service!

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