New partnership for Swikly: BookingSync, the rental management software

Swikly, the specialist in online deposits and guarantees has developed a new partnership with BookingSync.


Implemented worldwide and used by the major concierge companies in vacation rentals, BookingSync is a management software for seasonal rentals. With BookingSync, owners, property managers and agencies can centralise the management of their properties in one tool. Swikly, the specialist in online deposits and guarantees has developed a new partnership with BookingSync to offer in its App Center a new application allowing to manage and simplify online bonding requests.

BookingSync: a Professional PMS/Channel Manager 

BookingSync offers several features:

A booking systemThe system allows you to manage all the bookings made, administer contracts, payments and customer relations

A Channel Managerwhich synchronizes properties and bookings from different distribution channels such as AirBnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor or HomeAway

A website generator In a few clicks, BookingSync customers can generate their own website and offer direct booking with a payment solution

With all these features, property managers can manage all their assets and make their daily life easier.

BookingSync also has an App Center, a dedicated application platform to help property managers Whether it's invoice management, hospitality boxes, revenue maximization, or housekeeping services, the App Center is filled with applications to help you manage your rentals and maximize your reservations... But this one did not propose a system of management of guarantees yet... until today!

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Swikly, the specialist online bail bondsman

Swikly, the online deposit and security specialist, is entering the BookingSync App Center to allow owners to manage their deposit and payment requests.

It is never pleasant, as much for the tenant as for the owner to ask for a deposit at the beginning of the rental... Thanks to BookingSync Notifications applicationIn order to confirm the reservation, the deposit requests are sent to the renters by email a few days before the check-in, in which the renter is invited to enter his/her contact details, email address and bank details to confirm the reservation through the acceptance of the deposit.
Thanks to this application, both owners and tenants save time and avoid tedious administrative formalities.

It is now possible to manage your guarantees by connecting your accounts BookingSync and Swiklyand thus automate their requests. Swikly offers pre-configured email templates including a clickable link that redirects the customer directly to the Swikly form. Once the deposit is accepted by the tenant, the Swikly application will automatically update the BookingSync reservation to inform the Property Manager of the status of the reservation. A BookingSync tag will then be displayed on the dashboard and the balance payment will be updated.

Tourist tax: The new 2019 reform for unclassified accommodation

The tax is a tax that allows municipalities and communities to have additional additional financial means for the development and promotion of promotion of tourism. Each tourist staying in an accommodation for a fee must pay a tourist tax, which is applied per person and per night, and is paid directly to the commune. The rates of this tax vary according to according to the nature and category of the establishment classified under the Tourism Code, ranging Code, ranging from a minimum rate (floor rate) to a maximum rate (ceiling rate). maximum rate (ceiling rate). The department in question may, if it so wishes add an additional departmental tax of 10%.

As a reminder, it is Atout France which manages the classification of establishments according to more than 200 classification criteria. But in France, more than 4300 hotels, 800 tourist residences and 2100 campsites are not classified![1] And it is the unclassified accommodations that are subject to the most changes in the calculation of the tourist tax.

Since 1 Januaryer As of January 1, 2019, Law No. 2018-1317 of December 28, 2018 of the Finance Act for 2019 introduced new regulations:

Non-classified accommodation (hotels, holiday villages, tourist residences, group accommodation, furnished tourist accommodation) used to have to pay a fixed tourist tax per person and per night. From now on, in order to cope with the new offers in terms of accommodation rental, the tourist tax for these unclassified accommodations, or those awaiting classification, amounts to between 1% and 5% excluding VAT of the price of the nightwith a maximum amount depending on the territory.  

Caution, of additional taxes between 10 and 15% departmental or regional may be added to this new to this new tourist tax.

For information, the ministry has set up an online service allowing you to calculate the amount of calculate the amount of the tourist tax of your establishment: http://taxesejour.impots.gouv.fr/DTS_WEB/FR/

The tourist tax is therefore more complicated to calculate and requires additional work. But thanks to BookingSync, the amount of this new tourist tax will be calculated automatically! Pretty handy, isn't it?

Check-in / Check-out: Know the arrival and departure times of your tenants

It is always complicated, when you have several accommodations to rent and a busy schedule to be present to manage the arrivals and departures of the tenants, and we cannot arrivals and departures of the tenants, and one cannot afford to waste time waiting for waiting for them. Thanks to the Swikly form, you no longer need to contact tenants by phone or sms to know their arrival time. Without not to mention the language barrier that complicates the exchanges and can and can cause misunderstandings.

Thanks to the Swikly/BookingSync Apps, it is now possible to retrieve the arrival times of travellers which will be updated automatically in your BookingSync dashboard. In addition, Swikly adapts to your tenants' languages.

Payment of the balance: Compliance with the Hoguet law

Swikly allows you to request the payment of the balance at the same time as the request for a deposit, in accordance with the Hoguet law, a few days/weeks before the arrival of the tenant (1 month before maximum). You can therefore ask for your deposit at the time of booking (6 months before maximum), and ask for the payment of the balance a few weeks before the arrival of the travellers.

In Indeed, Maître Pierre specifies on his blog that according to the Hoguet law of 2 January 1970, " Where an intervener is a party to the party to the contract, the payments accompanying the reservation of a seasonal rental seasonal rental may not be made more than 6 months before the handing over of the keys, nor may they exceed 25 % of the total amount of the rent. The balance can only be required one month, at the earliest, before the entry in the premises. "

Source: http://www.gpierreavocat.fr/droit-immobilier/la-location-saisonniere.html

Improve your communication: automate your confirmation emails

Thanks to the pre-configured email templates, save time by automating your confirmation and reminder emailsSwikly does the job for you! Indeed, the Swikly application allows you an advanced configuration of Notifications and automatic reminders: you can adapt the content of your emails, choose your sending periods, insert your logo... A few settings are enough to automate your communication. A precious time saver!

As you know, the majority of concierge and other tourist facilities want to maximize direct bookings to avoid fees. To protect the identity of their customers and to have the exclusivity of the data, the OTA's (Online Travel Agency) generate "guest" email addresses. As a result, concierge services don't have access to customers' personal email addresses, and it's more complicated to contact them.

Swikly allows you to communicate with your customers with their real email address and phone number since they are invited to fill in the Swikly form. You will thus have access to their personal email address while respecting the RGPD law (General Data Protection Regulation, regulatory text applied from May 25, 2018) and you can contact them more easily.

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